Local instruments around the deaerator.

German Engineering | Estonian Experience | European production

Safety Relief valves

We provide German-made safety valves for deaerators. We size and fit them correctly to the deaerator and provide them to you. The relief valve is set to relieve at the deaerator design pressure.


Level indicators (magnetic)

We deliver level indicators from a small, high-quality producer in the Netherlands. It is a magnetic type local tubular gauge glass, matching the height, pressure and temperature of the deaerator.

Pressure gauges

We deliver those for connection to the steam space of the deaerator (top-section) for local pressure readings.



Thermometers give a local, visual indication of the operating temperature in your deaerator tank, and with it an indication of the performance. Usually we deliver thermometers in gauge form with a thermowell.

Pressure and Temperature transmitters

To connect the deaerator readings to your central DCS.


Vent valves (Needle valves)

For venting nozzles, you can either use orifices (fixed opening) or needle valves (variable opening) to regulate the steam exhaust.