Other Accessories

Spare parts and special equipment.

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Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps for continuous storage vessel disinfection

For some storage tanks (e.g. in off-shore applications), it can be useful to install UV lamps for disinfection. We deliver these systems in partnership with a European specialist. The package includes the electrical control cabinet and parts for mounting.



In some storage tanks, when a certain amount of chemicals can be solved in the feedwater, the use of an agitator can prevent sedimentation.

Spare internals, Trays & Spray Nozzles for Deaerators

Large and small spray nozzles for spray-type and tray-type deaerators, or tray-stacks for US tray-type versions.

Expansion Joint Metal

Expansion Joints

For power plants and industrial plants, we deliver expansion joints, metal and fabric, in all shapes and sizes, tailor-made to client needs and dimensions.